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Custom Prosthetic Limbs
We specialize in Prosthetic limbs, both upper and lower extremity and we are
trained in all types of prosthetic technology such as:

Whether it's an everyday type prosthesis, or a very specialized type of
prosthetic limb that you seek, we can help.  If you can dream it, we will make it.
  • Microprocessor controlled Prostheses
    (Certified for all)

  • Myoelectric Prostheses

  • Sports Prosthetics (Running, swimming,
    biking, hiking, power sports, etc.)

  • Everyday type Prostheses

  • Multiaxial ankles

  • Carbonfiber feet, flex feet

  • Vacuum Assisted Suction Sockets (VASS)
Most insurance is accepted!
We are Nevada's only licensed HiFi provider and can
fit both upper and lower limb Hi Fidelity sockets.  
Click on the HiFi logo for more info, or call to
schedule a free consultation.